About Pro-Nox

    Pro-Nox is a 50% N20 / 50% 02 analgesic delivery system designed to ease pain and anxiety during uncomfortable aesthetic or medical procedures. This mixture has been used around the world in labor and delivery for decades. Patients love the Pro-Nox because they control when to use the system. On a fully portable cart, it allows them to move between treatment rooms, while still getting the relief they need. Studies have shown that it is non-addictive for the patient for procedures while delaying or decreasing the need for other pain medicine. From Aesthetics, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Vascular, OBGYN, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Regenerative Medicine, Urology, Birth Centers, Hospitals, Surgery Centers and more Pro-Nox is a great alternative for pain management.


    - Quick onset enables a more natural, non-addictive alternative
    - Perfect for managing pain and anxiety
    - Patient administered allowing patients a sense of control
    - Safe for patients with many studies over decades completed worldwide
    - Allows patient to actively participate in their procedure while being relaxed
    - Doesn' t change/add to your patient monitoring levels
    - Reduced need for narcotics
    - System is ready to go in under a minute and once patient starts to breathe in the mix, its effect will be felt within 60 - 90 seconds/2 - 5 inhalations
    - Within 10 minutes after last use, patients are ready to safely drive themselves home or operate machinery

    Features & Benefits


    - Nitrous oxide increases release of the endorphin dopamine and other natural pain relievers in the brain
    - The delivered gas mixture is pre-set at 50% nitrous oxide and 50% oxygen
    - The gas-specific, built-in audible and visual alarms when either the nitrous oxide or oxygen source runs out of gas
    - Safety shut offs
    - Analgesisa NOT Anesthesia


    - Internal demand valve mechanism prevents contamination of the reusable components of the system
    - Single-use patient circuit (mask or mouthpiece plus connecting tubing) means every patient starts with a clean piece of equipment


    - Easy set up
    - Intuitive to operate
    - Low consumable cost. Each patient circuit is $16.

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