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West Coast Laser & Aesthetics and West Coast Laser Rental provide cutting edge technologies and the tools you’ll need to be successful with them. Our services include:

On-Site Training

We offer complete clinical, operational and maintenance training at NO COST to every customer whether you purchase or rent. Click here to learn more about our advanced training options.

Regional Price Guides

We have collected pricing from metropolitan areas, suburbs and rural areas of every state we service and offer assistance to our customers in setting custom pricing and packages that make sense for their individual practices. We are your advocate, an internal member of your purchasing team.

Marketing Support

  • We teach your staff how to educate patients and answer their questions and concerns. 
  • We will supply you with pre- and post- treatment guidelines and will help you and your staff to set realistic patient expectations. 
  • We have customizable posters, patient brochures, social media and marketing strategies to help you get a return on investment in the least time possible.


We offer customized consulting programs including On-Site clinical workshops, specialized marketing training and other strategies to increase profits. Please contact us for details.


If your existing laser equipment needs repair or maintenance, we have factory trained service engineers equipped to perform maintenance and repair on the go. While we primarily complete full repairs on site, we also repair more extensive issues in-house. Our ultimate goal is to eliminate any unnecessary costs to our customers. Unlike the manufacturers, we walk our customers through several steps to help diagnose the issue at hand before we even see the machine. This helps us determine what we need to prepare for, but more importantly, it allows our clients to gain a general understanding of the problem. By doing this, we are able to save time and money for both parties involved.


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Some of the major brands we service:

Preventative Maintenance

As with any type of equipment that is used frequently, maintenance will inevitably be required. It is imperative that any aesthetic laser, or equipment for that matter, is maintained in accordance with manufacturers' specifications. Some of the issues that arise from lack of maintenance will affect safety, treatment effectiveness, and reliability. We recommend a yearly preventative maintenance to ensure that your lasers are operating to their full potential.

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"Our practice has been working with West Coast Lasers for more than four years. This is the most convenient, cost effective method that allows us to provide a variety of laser treatments to our patients without having to spend thousands of dollars purchasing the technology or paying for upkeep; especially since technology changes so often and is expensive to repair.  Having a West Coast Laser representative setup the equipment and assist our doctor during treatment is an added bonus and provides a positive experience, consistent treatment and positive outcome for our patients.  I recommend West Coast Lasers to any practice that values quality patient care, consistent service and the ability to offer a wide variety of services to their patient base."
Yvonne Troutman   -  Assistant to Dr James Chan
Réviance Portland