Radiancy WhisperNG

The WhisperNG™ Erbium YAG Extended Ablation laser enables the physician to provide a unique ultra-fast, true laser peel with outstanding results and minimal "downtime". The WhisperNG™ Erb:YAG laser combines a proprietary fluence level with an extended pulse width to achieve “Extended Ablation” of the skin. The desquamation process is spread out over 3 to 5 days and occurs simultaneously with the reepithelialization process. The result is a noticeable improvement in skin texture without unduly exposing the underlying dermis.


    - Full facial laser peel with minimal downtime

    - Skin rejuvenation

    - Line and Wrinkle reduction

    - Textural improvement

    - Pore shrinkage

    - Stretch mark improvement

    - Acne Scar Reduction

    Features & Benefits

    The WhisperNG laser delivers an ultra-fast treatment to safely and effectively:

    - Reduce Pores
    - Diminish Discoloration
    - Smooth Fine Lines & Wrinkles
    - Significantly Improve Skin Texture

    The WhisperNG Erbium YAG laser provides a unique ultra-fast, true laser peel with outstanding results. There’s no need for anethesia. No extended healing. The treatment is so subtle, you can generally apply makeup the very next day. What’s more, your skin will feel refreshed and look radiant!

    Before & After

    About WhisperNG™


    2940 nm Erbium YAG Extended Ablation Laser


    The precision and minimal residual damage of the WhisperNG™ speeds reepithelialization and creates a reliable gentle peel whose healing process goes mostly unnoticed by patients. The absence of a demarcation line provides more treatment options by enabling the physician to equally treat small problem areas or provide a full laser peel with ease and confidence. The large spot size and fast repetition rate allow treatment of a full laser facial in less than 20 minutes.