Synchro FT

DEKA Synchro FT

Synchro FT allows physicians to select the most effective wavelength, define the pulse shape, and set the most suitable spot size for every type of treatment. It successfully treats a variety of vascular and pigmented lesions on all face and body areas, on fair and dark phototypes, and on all skin types.

    About Synchro FT

    • 3 Different sources housed in a single platform: Nd:YAG Long Pulse; Nd:YAG Short Pulse; intense pulsed light.

    • 5 Handpieces for the Nd:YAG laser source, with Top-Hat Spot Size technology and automatic recognition system.

    • 5 Interchangeable filters available on the FT pulsed light handpiece for pigment, photorejuvenation or hair removal treatments.

    • 9 Regulation levels for the contact skin Peltier cooling system.

    • Over 300 built-in protocols for dermatology and aesthetic surgery.

    Tech Specs

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