DEKA SmartXide DOT

The 30W SmartXide DOT™ and 50W SmartXide DOT HP™ allow the treating physician to attain high peak powers needed for safe, effective and comfortable deep wrinkle reduction treatments.

    About SmartXide DOT

    Now with higher peak power from the world’s largest developer of medical lasers.

    An adjustable high-power short-duration pulse to get to your desired ablation depth, together with an adjustable-duration low-power pulse to get the amount of thermal energy you desire makes this the most technically advanced fractional CO2 system available.

    Control and Versatility

    The HiScan scanner gives you a wide choice of patterns and sizes at your fingertips, and HiScan’s 38 treatment density levels give you unparalleled precision. SmartPulse independent control of depth and coag enable you to provide the optimum treatment for each condition.

    Technological Innovation

    Powerful technology in a lightweight streamlined package, DOT’s high energy tube can deliver more ablative power to tissue, over 200 watts, than other lasers. The latest innovations in laser design and control systems lead to SmartPulse control of the treatment.


    A lightweight compact package, a precision touch controlled scanner, titanium-alloy articulated arm, a state-of-the-art pulsed laser source and a treatment driven touch screen control panel demonstrate quality, and experience of the world’s premier developer and manufacturer of medical CO2 lasers.

    Features and Benefits

    The 30W SmartXide DOT™ and 50W SmartXide DOT HP™ allow the treating physician to attain high peak powers needed for safe, effective and comfortable deep wrinkle reduction treatments. Combined with the unique SmartPulse™ Technology and SmartStack™ feature options, the SmartXide DOT™ series is the clear leader in fractional CO2 technology

    SmartPulse™ allows for controlled coagulation of target tissue by controlling dwell time from 200 - 2000 microseconds

    200 - 2000 microns DOT pitch or spacing, when DOT mode is ON when using Computer Pattern Generator (CPG)

    The SmartStack™ feature allows for up to 5 pulses into each spot within a single pass of the scanning modes available

    38 pattern variations when using CPG

    3 CPG delivery modes to help minimize patient discomfort levels Standard Interlaced SmartTrack™

    Versatility to customize each treatment based on the patient's schedule

    Fast treatment times

    2 handpieces to free hand sculpt or ablate tissue with continuous or pulsed delivery modes

    CPG controls allow scanning pattern shape, ratio and size adjustments without returning to main control console

    Titanium arm

    Up to 350 micron hybrid spot size

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    DOT Therapy patient brochure

    SmartXide DOT™ Practice Enhancement Kit (for DOT docs only, please call for access)

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