Quality Switched Nd:YAG 1064 nm and frequency doubled 532 nm laser with 585 nm and 650 nm dye handpacks

    About NaturaLaseQS

    Focus Medical, a technology leader in aesthetic lasers, offers the NaturaLaseQS™, the only Q-switched Nd:YAG able to deliver 2 Joules of pulse energy.   The NaturaLaseQS™ is an incredibly versatile, reliable and well designed laser that delivers multiple treatment option in one system.

    The most unique feature of the NaturaLaseQS™ is power.  The highest pulse power available allows the treating physician to deliver better results by using higher fluency settings with larger spot sizes (up to 10 mm).  By combining that power with an extremely flat beam profile, physicians are able to deliver energy deeper into the skin with much less damage to the superficial skin layers.  The NaturaLaseQS™ is able to deliver the highest energy of any laser at 4 separate wavelengths for quality results on multi-color tattoo inks to safely and effectively reduce the appearance of the tattoo on all skin type patients.

    The 1064 nm wavelength is an excellent treatment for tattoo reduction on black, brown, yellow, blue and green tattoo ink.  It is also a safe and effective treatment option for dermal pigmentation such as melasma and non-ablative photo-rejuvenation on all skin type patients as well as temporary reduction of darker vellous hair.  The 532 nm wavelength is an excellent treatment option for red colored tattoo ink and dyschromia (age spots, liver spots, lentigines, freckles, etc).  The 585 nm wavelength is a great treatment option for sky blue colored tattoo ink and the 650 nm wavelength is a great treatment option for green colored tattoo ink.

    The true nanosecond pulse width makes this technology suitable for all skin type I - VI patients.

    The high powered 1064 and 532 nm wavelengths provide treatment options for a variety of dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions.  Non-ablative skin rejuvenation with the 1064 nm wavelength is a proven performer and a treatment that your patients will love.  The gentle Q-switch energy has the peak power to penetrate deeper than other "lunch-time" rejuvenation methods, so the energy goes deeper into the skin where new collagen can form.  This procedure is performed without any noticeable skin damage or downtime, and is easily tolerated by even the most sensitive patients.

    The 532 nm wavelength is emerging as a treatment for the reduction of sun damage and dyschromia on all skin type patients.  The nanosecond pulse width makes this a safer and more effective treatment option than IPL skin rejuvenation treatments for dyschromia on darker skin type Fitzpatrick IV - VI patients.  Along with the 1064 nm rejuvenation treatments, these treatments will provide a comprehensive photo-rejuvenation method that will rival any technology available and is safer on darker skin type patients.


    Tattoo reduction for all color tattoo ink

    Non-ablative skin rejuvenation
        - Wrinkle reduction
        - Textural improvement
        - Pore size reduction
        - Hair reduction


    Dermal pigmentation
        - Melasma
        - Nevus of Ota

    Epidermal pigmentation
        - Lentigines
        - Age spots
        - Liver spots
        - Freckles
        - Cafe-au-lait
        - Becker's nevi

    Acne scar reduction

    Hair reduction

    Features & Benefits

    At 2 Joule pulse energy when using the 1064 nm wavelength, the NaturaLaseQS™ delivers the highest pulse power of any Q-switched Nd:YAG on the market

    At 900 mJ when using the 532 nm wavelength, the NaturaLaseQS™ delivers higher fluence settings when using the dye handpacks to treat the more difficult to reduce tattoo inks such as green and sky blue, than any other Q-switched Nd:YAG on the market.

    The NaturaLaseQS™ will reduce the number of tattoo reduction treatments and increase patient satisfaction.

    This versatile system will allow the physician to treat a myriad of applications for all skin type patients.

    The 4 wavelengths of light available will allow the physician to selectively treat a variety of procedures
        - 1064 nm - dermal pigmentation, black, brown, yellow, blue and green tattoo ink
        - 532 nm - epidermal pigmentation and red tattoo ink
        - 585 nm - epidermal pigmentation and sky blue tattoo ink
        - 650 nm - epidermal pigmentation and green tattoo ink



    Laser Source


    Delivery System

    Articulated Arm


    27" (66 cm) x 17" (43 cm) x 50" (124 cm)


    275 lbs (125 kg)

    Power Requirements

    100, 120, 200, 220, 240 VAC


    Pulse Energy

    1064 nm

    2000 mJ

    532 nm

    900 mJ

    585 nm

    550 mJ

    650 nm

    400 mJ

    1064 nm


    Max Fluence

    Spot Size

    28.3 J/cm2

    3 to 10 mm

    532 nm


    Max Fluence

    Spot Size

    12.7 J/cm2

    3 to 10 mm

    585 nm


    Max Fluence

    Spot Size

    17.5 J/cm2

    2 to 6 mm

    650 nm


    12.7 J/cm2

    2 to 6 mm


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