Kimera Exosomes


    XoGlo by Kimera Labs is purified (MSC) derived exosome product that contains a multitude of Growth Factors, Cytokines, Messenger RNA and Micro-RNA. MSC’s are the youngest progenitor cells of the connective tissue lineage and are responsible for the origin of skin, hair, bone, muscle, cartilage, etc. XoGlo is an acellular isolate of MSC exosomes that have been cultured in a xeno-free environment. A proprietary sterile filtration process is completed then the concentrated product is resuspended in (0.9%) normal saline. XoGlo is stored in the lab at - 80 degrees C but can be stored in the clinic at - 20 degrees C.


    Growth Factors—XoGlo contains a multitude of notable growth factors including: TGFB3, VEGF, EGF, PIGF, IGFBP1-6, HGF. 
    Messenger RNA—The blueprint for Amino Acid and Protein production, mRNA from MSC Exosomes carry the sequencing for growth factors and proteins that are present in the new born cells from which they originate.
    Micro-RNA—miRNA are non-coding strands or RNA that regulate gene expression and protein production.


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