Viora Reaction


Radio Frequency with multiple frequencies and vacuum therapy

    About Viora Reactoin

    Radio frequency treatments for skin tightening, body contouring and cellulite enter a whole new dimension with Reaction™.  Going beyond single frequency limitations, Reaction™'s multi frequency channeling and vacuum therapy offers the aesthetic professional an unheard of level of control and targeting depth precision that delivers immediately visible results.

    Take control with CORE™ (Channeled Optimized Rf Energy), Reaction™'s new dimension, patented aesthetic technology.  An innovative frequency approach to radio frequency treatments.  CORE™ features three distinct RF frequency channels and an additional 4th dimension, multi-channel mode, that concentrates all three RF frequencies in one pulse.

    Each frequency channel precisely targets a specific penetration depth.  The 4th dimension, multi-channel mode, travels through all dermal layers simultaneously and treats the full penetration range from the mid to deep skin layers.  This allows a multi-dimension treatment for cellulite, body contouring and skin tightening.  In addition, a unique Vacuum Therapy feature strategically positions the skin between the two RF electrodes to intensify treatment and enable deeper penetration of RF energy in larger areas.  Combining multiple frequencies with Vacuum Therapy further intensifies treatment and facilitates deeper tissue penetration allowing for effective cellulite treatment, circumferential reduction and skin tightening at the same time.

    Reaction™'s skin tightening treatments balance the demands of frequency, intensity and an integrated skin cooling system to ensure the safest and most effective result.  Reaction™ instantly contracts tissue fibers for immediate smoothing and tightening results.  At the same time, it thermally induces natural neocollagenesis for full wrinkle reduction.

    The Reaction™ aesthetic system includes three, easily interchangeable treatment applicators: F-Contour for facial contouring, B-Contour for body contouring and the ST skin tightening applicator.  The combination of the three treatment platforms gives the practitioner the flexibility to offer a range of the industry's most desired treatments and allows easy adjustments to treatment parameters to create a safe, comfortable and effective aesthetic experience.



    Circumferential reduction

    Skin tightening

    Body contouring

    Features & Benefits

    Patented CORE™ Technology with multi-channel Radio Frequency


    3 frequency setting to customize the depth of penetration during treatment
    4th dimension, multi-channel mode, concentrates all 3 RF in one pulse

    Vacuum Therapy

    4 treatment settings to introduce the tissue between the RF electrodes
    Bi-polar radio frequency concentrates treatment on tissue introduced between the RF electrodes and does not require a grounding plate to be attached to the patient
    Face and body treatments for skin tightening, body contouring and circumferential reduction
    Clinically proven, immediately visible results
    Safe, effective and non invasive treatments
    Short treatment sessions
    User-friendly, computerized management system
    Portable - first ever desktop version



    Radio Frequency Power


    Skin Tightening

    Up to 125 J/cm2


    Up to 50 W


    Up to 8.5 W

    RF Mode 1

    800 kHz

    RF Mode 2

    1.7 MHz

    RF Mode 3

    2.45 MHz

    RF Mode 4

    800 kHz, 1.7 MHz and 2.45 MHz

    Vacuum Therapy

    Pulsed with B/F-Contour

    Treatment area


    Skin Tightening

    8 mm x 8 mm


    35 mm x 30 mm


    15 mm x 10 mm




    37 lbs (17 kg)

    Wheel base

    42 lbs (19 kg)


    45" (H) x 35" (W) x 40" (D)

    Electrical Requirements

    90 - 264 VAC; 50/60 Hz; Single Phase


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