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Studio and Full Body Photography Systems

    About Profect™

    Using the photography system, skin defects such as fine lines, wrinkles, acne scarring and spider veins can be seen more clearly than ever before.  With the Profect™ Ultraviolet Digital Analysis System you can quickly and easily show your patients the real impact of solar and actinic damage.

    The Profect™ Studio consistently allows subsequent photos to be taken with identical lighting and patient positioning to properly track improvements and quantify the results of procedures performed on the patient.

    Profect™ Full Body Photography Systems utilizes a unique professional lighting technology that will produce vividly detailed head-to-toe images enabling the physician to better illustrate vericose and spider veins, examine cellulite and assist in selling body shaping treatments.

    Profect™ Photography Systems allow you to take reproducible facial, full body, torso and lower body shots with consistent lighting and camera angles and costs a fraction of some camera operating systems while delivering the same high quality photographs.

    Features & Benefits

    Canon Powershot G6 7.1 Megapixel CCD and Enhanced Optical Shooting System

    35 – 140 mm 4x Optical Zoom

    Canon DiG!C Image Processor and iSAPS Technology for superior image quality and faster processing speeds

    9 point AiAF for Precise Accurate Focus

    12 EOS based shooting modes plus photo effects, Super Macro Mode, Wide area FlexiZone AF/AE and Spot Metering

    Height adjustable base station

    Professional, fluorescent daylight lighting assemblies provide better color and clarity

    Full color, ultraviolet lighting emits primarily between 330 nm – 380 nm, with the peak at 360 nm

    Ultra-II software
        - Database and photo documentation suite make downloading, archiving, displaying and printing photos simpler than ever
        - Annotation feature enable mark up of images to identify areas requiring specific attention or treatments
        - Layout tools show patient progress over time
        - Tethered capture allows you to take images and control camera settings right from your computer

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"Our practice has been working with West Coast Lasers for more than four years. This is the most convenient, cost effective method that allows us to provide a variety of laser treatments to our patients without having to spend thousands of dollars purchasing the technology or paying for upkeep; especially since technology changes so often and is expensive to repair.  Having a West Coast Laser representative setup the equipment and assist our doctor during treatment is an added bonus and provides a positive experience, consistent treatment and positive outcome for our patients.  I recommend West Coast Lasers to any practice that values quality patient care, consistent service and the ability to offer a wide variety of services to their patient base."
Yvonne Troutman   -  Assistant to Dr James Chan
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