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    Quality-switched Nd:YAG 1064 nm and frequency doubled 532 nm with 585 nm and 650 nm dye handpacks

    HOYA Con-Bio, a leader in medical lasers designed for tattoo reduction, introduce the newest generation Q-switched Nd:YAG laser technology, the RevLite™. The Medlite C-6™ and the RevLite™ are high powered multi-purpose, multi-wavelength aesthetic devices that can treat a broad spectrum of indications on all skin type patients. The system's EO Q-switched engineering produce very rapid, short pulses of energy that will limit the tissue's exposure to thermal build up and offer safe, fast and effective treatments. The PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse™ (PTP) allows for 60% more energy than previous generations and allow the physician to use higher fluence levels with larger spot sizes.  This "PhotoAcoustic rejuvenation" effects results in a more refreshed appearance with an even skin tone, smoother texture, tissue tightening and pore reduction.

    The MultiSpot™ handpiece allows the operator to easily interchange the spot size from 3 mm to 8 mm with a simple adjustment that locks into place. The potential for scarring has been minimized with the new handpiece flat top beam profile that will evenly distribute the energy throughout the entire spot.

    The 1064 nm wavelength is an excellent treatment for tattoo reduction on black, brown, yellow, blue and green tattoo (initially) colored tattoos. It is also a safe and effective treatment option for melasma, non-ablative photorejuvenation on all skin type patients and temporary reduction of darker vellous hair. The 532 nm wavelength is an excellent treatment option for red colored tattoos and dyschromia (age spots, liver spots, cafe au lait, freckles, etc.). The 585 nm wavelength is a great treatment option for blue colored tattoos and 650 nm is a great treatment option for green colored tattoos.

    The RevLite™ EO Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is built on the same foundation as the popular MedLite™ series of lasers commonly referred to as the "workhorses" of aesthetic medicine for almost two decades. For more than 25 years, HOYA Con-Bio has been a global leader in medical lasers and their systems are respected worldwide.

    The RevLite™ provides the progressive aesthetic medical practice with the versatility needed for a wide range of procedures, including acne scars reduction, wrinkle reduction, tattoo and pigment reduction. Offering physicians up to 1.6 Joules, the RevLite™ boasts a high power output for ease and efficiency in aesthetic treatments.


    Tattoo reduction for all color tattoos

    Wrinkle reduction

    Acne scar reduction


    Dermal pigmentation
        - Melasma
        - Nevus of Ota

    Epidermal pigmentation
        - Lentigines
        - Age spots
        - Liver spots
        - Freckles
        - Cafe-au-lait
        - Becker's nevi

    Skin rejuvenation

    Hair reduction

    Features & Benefits

    - MedLite™ series of lasers has built on a foundation of quality, reliability and engineering expertise that has earned these lasers the reputation as "workhorses" of the aesthetic laser industry for 2 decades.

    - PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse™ allows physicians to deliver a maximum energy output, 60% more than previous laser technologies, with the same degree of safety.
        - The RevLite™ offers an output power of 1.6 Joules
        - The MedLite C-6™ offers an output power of 1.0 Joules

    - MultiSpot™ handpiece allows the physician to easily interchange between spot sizes
        - Larger spot sizes provide deeper penetration and improved results
        - Flat top beam profile allows even distribution of laser energy to treat of all skin type patients and minimize the potential for scarring

    - This versatile system will allow the physician to treat a myriad of applications for all skin type patients.

    - 4 wavelengths of light to allow the physician to selectively treat a wide variety of procedures
        - 1064 nm - dermal pigmentation, black, brown, yellow, blue and green ink tattoos
        - 532 nm - epidermal pigmentation and red tattoo ink
        - 585 nm - epidermal pigmentation and sky blue ink
        - 650 nm - epidermal pigmentation and green ink

    - The RevLite™ uses a touchscreen operating system that has preprogrammed settings for all treatment application

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