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    Diode and Diode Pumped Frequency Doubled Solid State 532 / 940 nm

    The VariLite™ is the complete laser solution available for the treatment of vascular, pigmented and cutaneous lesions. The VariLite™ is a solid-state, semiconductor-based laser system that offers reliability, true portability, efficient operation and clinical versatility. The user friendly controls guide the physician through the control panel for treatment parameter selection and allow easy toggling between wavelengths with a simple switch adjustment. The dual wavelength options offer 532 nm and 940 nm wavelengths so the most appropriate treatment parameters can be easily selected to meet your clinical needs.

    The ergonomic, low weight fiber handpieces allow precise control of the treatment location and are ideal for tracing linear and area lesions.

    The 532 nm wavelength can also be used with the ScanLiteXP™ to perform MicroSpot laser facials.  This is an excellent treatment option for rosacea, matted telangiectasia and complexion blending treatments.

    The 940 nm wavelength is less strongly absorbed by water and can penetrate more deeply to uniformly heat through larger diameter vessels. Due to its high absorption coefficient of oxyhemoglobin and lower absorption by water, the 940 nm wavelength can be used for improved selectivity of the deeper vessels and reduce the discomfort noted with longer wavelength modalities.


    Vascular lesions

        - Telangiectasia, matted
        - Rosacea
        - Leg veins
        - Angioma, spider angioma
        - Hemangioma
        - Venous Lake
        - Poikiloderma of Civatte

    Benign pigmented lesions

        - Lentigines
        - Age spots
        - Liver spots
        - Freckles
        - Cafe-au-lait
        - Becker's nevi

    Cutaneous lesions

    Moderate inflammatory acne vulgaris

    Hair reduction

    Features & Benefits

        - The ScanLiteXP™ Computer Pattern Generator is an optional delivery device for the VariLite™ that allow rapid delivery of MicroSpot exposures with controlled spacing over large treatment areas.

        - The ergonomic handpieces can be used with both the 532 and 940 nm wavelengths.

        - ClearView™ Polarized Light Illumination System is an all-in-one solution to eye safety, magnified vision and cross polarization illumination during laser treatments.

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